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Why Workhorse Textile Screen Printing Equipment?

Workhorse brand equipment is simply the best bang for the buck in quality, American-made textile screen printing equipment. Whether you're looking for your first manual printer for a home-based business, outfit and entire high-end shop, or something in between, Workhorse has the textile screen printing products for you.

Exposure Units

All Workhorse screen exposure systems feature digital time control for accurate and repeatable exposure times and a powerful vacuum hold-down system which provides intimate film to screen contact for maximum image resolution.
Metal-Halide Single Point Screen Exposure Unit
Floor Model UV Screen Exposure Unit
Tabletop UV Fluorescent Screen Exposure Unit
Expandable exposure unit designed for startup shops


All of our printers hold great registration and offer years of trouble free service. Set up and print faster -- and make more money -- with Workhorse manual textile printers.
Manual textile printers from one-color tabletop to six-color floor model
Designed for people who make their living behind a squeegee
Convex Cap Printers

Flash Curing

Flash Curing Units are an important part of the Print-Flash-Print Technique used to produce bright, opaque and multi-colored images on dark colored garments. Workhorse flash units work fast and efficiently to ensure your production line never gets stuck.

Economical and functional flash curing unit
Curved Flash Curing Unit for CapMax
Manual & Automatic Flash Curing Unit
Manual 18" x 18" Flash Curing Unit


Drying or curing the ink on printed garments is the critical final step. Too little time and heat result in an under cured design that washes out while too much time and heat may result in scorched garments.

Infrared Conveyor Dryer
Infrared Conveyor Dryer


Do more with your Workhorse equipment. These accessories add flexibility and capability to your shop.
Vacupallet | Graphics Printing Pallet for Signs, Vinyl and More
Gripper | Jacket Printing Pallet
Pallets | OEM Boards and Brackets for Workhorse and Odyssey
Wash-It | Wash Out and Reclaim Sink
Accu-Stretch | Pneumatic Screen Stretcher
CapMax | Curved Cap Printing Attachment
CapMax Screens | Screens for Cap Printing with CapMax Printer
EZ-Cap | Cap Printing Attachment