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Printing at higher, uniform tensions provides faster production speeds, improved registrations, longer screen and squeegee life, more consistent ink deposits and lower ink usage. The patented Accu-Stretch provides these benefits while eliminating complicated stretching systems, training and expensive tools. Self-equalizing stretch clamps provide uniform tension while minimizing fabric waste by enabling you to stretch directly from the fabric bolt. The modular design enables Accu-Stretch to be expanded to virtually any size and width of fabric and frame materials. Choose from any one of nine Accu-Stretch systems and add any combination of five sizes of Accu-Stretch Modular Upgrades to create a stretching system for your exact needs.

Product Features

  • Nine sizes of complete Accu-Stretch systems
  • Five sizes of modular Accu-Stretch upgrades
  • Adjustable down to 10 x 15" (24 x 38cm)
  • Infinite/independent warp and weft tension control
  • Brace-bar pre-bows frames
  • Self-equalizing clamps for even tension
  • Compatible with all stretch and glue frames
  • Reliable pneumatic design
  • Easy-loading stretch-clamps
  • Gentle PVC-coated locking bars
  • Stretch directly from fabric bolt
Compatible Products: 

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Accu-Stretch Complete System (24X36")
24X36" (61x91cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0101A AS2436 $1,600.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (24X48")
24X48" (61x122cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0102A AS2448 $1,700.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (24X60")
24X60" (61x142cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0103A AS2460 $1,800.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (36X36")
36X36" (91x91cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0107A AS3636 $1,700.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (36X48")
36X48" (91x122cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0108A AS3648 $1,800.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (36X60")
36X60" (91x142cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0109A AS3660 $1,900.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (48X48")
48X48" (122x122cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0116A AS4848 $1,900.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (48X60")
48X60" (122x142cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0117A AS4860 $2,000.00
Accu-Stretch Complete System (60X60")
60X60" (142x142cm), 110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0126A AS6060 $2,100.00
Modular Section for Accu-Stretch, 24" (61cm)
110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0128A $530.00
Modular Section for Accu-Stretch, 36" (91cm)
110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0129A $580.00
Modular Section for Accu-Stretch, 48" (122cm)
110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0130A $630.00
Modular Section for Accu-Stretch, 60" (142cm)
110psi (7.6bar), 1 cfm (28 l/m)
CA-0131A $680.00