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The CapMax cap printing system is the ultimate cap printing system capable of printing from simple to the most extreme designs on the widest variety of caps, including six-panel caps.

CapMax uses a curved platen and screen that follow the natural shape of the cap. Each includes a 110 mesh screen, squeegee and CP2 platen. Print multi-colored designs with the addition of add-on colors and increase production with add-on stations.

Compatible Products: 

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
CapMax Platen CP1
2.75x4.375” (7x11cm) LOW CROWN, YOUTH
12617 CP1 $45.00
CapMax Platen CP2
 3x5.5” (7.7x14cm) TWILL, POPLIN, NYLON, TASLON
12616 CP2 $45.00
CapMax Platen CP3
3.25x5.5” (8.3x14cm) SUMMER MESH
12618 CP3 $45.00
CapMax Platen CP4
3.5x5.5” (8.9x15cm) SUMMER MESH W/LARGE PRINT
12619 CP4 $45.00
CapMax Platen CP5
2x4.375” (5.1x11.1cm) VISOR
12621 CP5 $45.00
CapMax Platen CP6
 2.75x4.375” (7x11.1cm) LOW CROWN W/ 6-PANEL GROOVE
12622 CP6 $45.00
CapMax 1 Color, 1 Station Attachment
12610 $475.00
CapMax 4 Color, 1 Station Attachment
12611 $1,050.00
CapMax 4 Color, 4 Station Attachment
12612 $1,600.00
CapMax, Add-on Color
12613 $250.00
CapMax, Add-on Station
12614 $250.00
Cap Squeegee
3” (7.7cm) 60 DUROMETER
12638 $10.00