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The professional's choice! This press was designed for the printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. Mach printers are ideal for growing and high-volume shops producing sophisticated designs. The large diameter, full length center shaft combined with print station support struts maximize rigidity. The precision machined cast aluminum print heads and center wheel provide the tightest registration. With the optional cap, jacket, sign, coozie, sticker and pocket attachments, this machine is the do it all answer for any shop. Combined with the tool free X, Y, and Z micro registration, this machine is the best of all worlds. Mach printers also come in a variety sizes to fit your printing needs.

The Mach All-Heads-Down printers include all of the same features as the standard press with the additional ability to print with All-Heads-Down. All-Heads-Down printing permits multiple operators to print simultaneously. The obvious use would be to put six operators on one machine and produce high volumes of garments. This type of printing works well in companies with extremely low labor costs. This press is also popular in educational institutions that provide hands-on instruction enabling multiple students to print at the same time. A more common use for All-Heads-Down Printing would be two operators with a flash cure between them, printing a two color job at speeds rivaling a single color print.

Looking for Original Workhorse? The Mach Series replaces both the Original Workhorse and All Heads Down series.

Product Features

Advanced Print Head Design -- All print heads are precision machines cast aluminum with too free, dial-in off contact. Built with large diameter registration knobs that provide super responsive X, Y, & Z micro registration and screen angle adjust.

Side Clamp Option -- For Our customers who prefer a side clamp press, we can accommodate your preference.

Solid Construction -- Welded structural steel construction is the key to a lifetime of tight registration. Our large diameter center shaft with tapered bearings give unmatched stability and accuracy. Print arm struts ensure that platens remain square and stable while maximizing strength. The light weight precision machines, single cast aluminum center wheel provides the tightest registration with smooth quick turns.

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Mach Floor Model Printer (M44M)
4-Color, 4-Station, 32” Screen (Expandable to 6 Color)
10005 M44M $3,450.00
Mach All Heads Down Manual Printer (M44A)
4-Color, 4-Station, 32” Screen
10004 M44A $4,000.00
Crating For Mach 4 Color and 6 Color
18704 $150.00
Mach Floor Model Printer (M64O)
6-Color, 4-Station, 23” Screen
10011 M64O $4,400.00
Mach All Heads Down Manual Printer (M66A)
6-Color, 6-Station, 26” Screen
10006 M66A $5,850.00
Mach Floor Model Printer (M66M)
6-Color, 6-Station, 26” Screen (Expandable to 8 Color)
10007 M66M $5,200.00
Mach All Heads Down Manual Printer (M88A)
8-Color, 8-Station, 26” Screen
10008 M88A $7,400.00
Mach Additional Print Head Upgrade
Fits only M44M and M66M
10222 $715.00
Crating For Mach 8 Color and 10 Color
18708 $225.00
Mach Floor Model Printer (M86O)
8-Color, 6-Station, 21” Screen
10010 M86O $5,850.00
Side Clamp Retrofit (26”)
Side Clamp Retrofit: 26”(66CM), Replaces Back Clamp, 1 Per Color
12601 $200.00
Mach Floor Model Printer (M88O)
8-Color, 8-Station, 26” Screen
10009 M88O $6,600.00
Side Clamp Retrofit (23")
Side Clamp Retrofit: 23”(58CM), Replaces Back Clamp, 1 Per Color
12597 $200.00
Mach Floor Model Printer (M108O)
10-Color, 8-Station, 23” Screen
10012 M108O $8,050.00