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Mercury compact dryers allow you to produce professional, long lasting images even with a limited space or budget. The double wall construction and adjustable oven doors retain oven heat while the exhaust flange allows removal of fumes from your shop. These dryers handle a wide variety of imprintables, caps, jackets, sweats, and transfers just to name a few.

Product Features

  • Adjustable belt speed
  • Large heat panel
  • Double wall construction
  • Exhaust connection
Compatible Products: 

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Compact Conveyor Dryer
20”x5.5’ (51cmx1.7m), 115v, 1ph, 50-60Hz, 2300watts, 21amps
11208 CD205 $2,050.00
Compact Conveyor Dryer (220V)
20”x5.5’ (51cmx1.7m), 220-240v, 1Ph, 50-60Hz, 3000watts, 14amps
11209 CD205-220 $2,200.00
Crating for Compact Dryer
18700 $75.00