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The Point 1000 provides high-resolution screens at an affordable price by bringing together the best of two different light sources. The 1,000 watt halogen point light source enables you to capture halftones and fine lines while the UV fluorescent lights help speed exposure. These features combined with a digital timer make the Point 1000 an ideal choice for screen printers seeking higher quality images and increased throughput.

Product Features

  • Halogen/U.V. fluorescent light source
  • Extra-large screen capacity
  • Digital auto shut-off timer with auto-repeat function
  • Easy cleaning/maintenance
  • Durable hold down blanket with powerful vacuum for perfect contact between screen and artwork
  • Powerful vacuum hold-down
  • Two-part cabinet, easy installation
Compatible Products: 

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Point 1000 Screen Exposure Unit
25X36" (63x91cm), 115v, 60Hz, 15amps
11596 P1KUV $2,950.00
Point 1000 Screen Exposure Unit (230V)
25X36" (63x91cm), 230v, 50Hz, 10amps
11595 P1KUV-EURO $3,150.00
Crating for Point 1000
18740 $175.00