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Quartz technology makes the difference. Our claim to fame with the Powerhouse series is our true understanding of Infrared energy, its emission, and how it affects different materials. Our Quartz technology provides near instant-on capabilities for curing plastisols. With warm up times in seconds and not minutes, its no wonder shop owners look to us for higher productivity. The Powerhouse Series' 180 degree radiant pattern of emission means energy strikes from all angles, unlike standard panel dryers that only omit energy perpendicular to the panel. Simply put, the quartz technology in the Powerhouse Series provides a more uniform cure; even on shirts that are not perfectly flat. For waterbase and discharge printing, the Powerhouse Series incorporates a convection system of blowers and air knives to scrub the garments with hot air. The Powerhouse hybrid IR and Convection system allows us to cure more garments per hour in less space and at a lower price. Our digital control center uses state-of-the-art electronics and solid state components to accurately manage temperature and belt speed.

Product Features

  • Adjustable oven doors help to restrain oven temperature
  • Removable oven hood provides easy access for regular cleaning
  • Four-point belt tracking makes it easy to set up your dryer and extends belt life
  • Optional add-on in feed and out feed facilitates garment loading and unloading

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ2608, 1-phase)
Conveyor Dryer 26"x08', 220-240v, 1Ph, 60Hz, 9097watts, 40amps
11212 PQ2608 $4,600.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ2608, 3-phase)
26”X8’(66CMX2.4M), Capacity: 200-300 P/H, Power: 3 Phase, 230V, 50-60HZ, 9,097 Watts, 24 Amps
11213 PQ2608 $4,600.00
Cap Element Option
Fits PQ2608 Only, Power: 1 Phase, 220V, 50-60HZ, 2,500 Watts, 11 Amps
20934 $235.00
Crating for PQ2608 Dryer
18725 $225.00
Powerhouse Quartz PQ3011
Conveyor Dryer 30”x11’, 220-240v, 1Ph, 60hz, 12697watts, 55amps
11226 PQ3011 $6,400.00
Powerhouse Quartz PQ3011
Conveyor Dryer 30”x11’, 220-240v, 3Ph, 60Hz, 12697watts, 32amps
11227 PQ3011 $6,400.00
Infeed / Exit Extension for PQ3011
3’ (.9m) EXTENSION
11231 $600.00
Crating for PQ3011 Dryer
18726 $275.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ5208, 1-phase)
52" Belt, 8' Long, High Production, 400-500 Pieces P/H, 1-Phase, 10,900 Watts, 53 Amps
11272 PQ5208 $6,400.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ5208, 3-phase)
52”X8’(132CMx2.4M) Capacity: 400-500 P/H Power: 3 Phase, 220V, 50-60HZ, 10,897 Watts, 29 Amps
11273 PQ5208 $6,400.00
Infeed / Exit Extension for PQ5208
Size 3’(.9M)
11252 $800.00
Crating for PQ5208 Dryer
18746 $325.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ4013, 1-phase)
40”x13’, 220-240v, 1Ph, 60Hz, 18697watts, 81amps
11236 PQ4013 $8,200.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ4013, 3-phase)
40”x13’, 220-240v, 3Ph, 60Hz, 18697watts, 47amps
11237 PQ4013 $8,200.00
Infeed / Exit Extension for PQ4013
3’ extension
11240 $700.00
Crating for PQ4013 Dryer
18736 $375.00
Powerhouse Quartz Infrared Conveyor Dryer (PQ5217)
52”x17’, 220-240v, 3Ph, 60Hz, 27897watts, 70amps
11248 PQ5217 $11,500.00
Infeed / Exit Extension for PQ5217
5’ (1.5m) extension
11251 $800.00
Crating for PQ5217 Dryer
18748 $450.00