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Available in two sizes, the Wash-It is ideal for developing and reclaiming your screens. Designed to work at waist height, these sinks are ergonomically built for function and comfort.

Product Features

  • Large screen capacity
  • Multiple screen capacity
  • Solid, waterproof steel construction
  • Translucent back window
  • Adjustable screen racks
  • Easy and thorough drainage
Compatible Products: 

Models and Prices

Product Part Number Model Price
Wash-It, Wash-Out / Reclaim Sink
11506 WSH36 $850.00
Wash-It, Wash-Out / Reclaim Sink (Wide)
11507 WSH52 $1,250.00
Wash-It Squeegee Rack
Holds 8 Squeegees
81462 $50.00
Crating for Wash-It Booths
18750 $25.00