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Manual Flash Curing Product Guide

Flash curing units are an important part of the print-flash-print technique used to produce bright, opaque and multi-colored images on dark colored garments. Without a flash cure unit, the color of the garment may show through the ink, leaving the image muted or dull. This print-flash-print technique is also used when printing non-porous textiles such as nylon jackets.


Size of Printed Image -- Do you print small fashion designs or large athletic designs?

Flash Curing Speed -- There’s only one thing you want when it comes to wattage and panel temperature: More. Simply put, more power equals faster production. You can flash cure faster, and produce more garments, with higher-wattage flash units.

Flash Curing Time Control -- It is important to flash cure for the proper amount of time. Flash curing for too little time, and you risk leaving the ink wet. Flash curing for too long and you risk scorching the garment.

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