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Manual Screen Printing Guide

The screen printing machine is the heart of your production. All of our printers hold great registration and offer years of trouble free service. Remember, when you are printing, you are making money and the faster and easier it is for you to set up and print your orders, the faster and easier it is to make money. Choosing which printer is right for you should be based on the number and complexity of designs that you want to produce, the speed at which you want to produce them, and finally the speed and ease of set up. Other important considerations are your screen size and upgradeability to more colors.

Number of Jobs/Complexity of Design

Do you want to produce simple or extreme designs? The more print heads or colors that your machine has, the more colorful the designs you can produce. Simple athletic or commercial designs can be produced with a four-color printer, while more colorful graphics or photographic images call for a six-, eight- or 10-color printer. For the best of both economy and flexibility, choose a model that with upgradeability to more colors.

How many different jobs do you want to produce at once? The more colors that a machine has, the more jobs you can produce at once. A four-color printer can produce up to two 2-color designs while an eight-color printer can produce four 2-color designs. More colors are useful when printing on both the front and back of a garment or when producing several short-run jobs.

Production Speed

How quickly do you want to produce? The more stations that you have, the quicker you can produce. With multiple stations, multiple operators can help produce the job and while you can flash one garment while printing another. The greater number the stations, the less rotation motion for the operator and the more cooling time between flashing.

Ease of Set Up

How quickly and easily do you want to set up your jobs? If you are printing a few jobs a week, set up time and effort is less important than when you are printing a few jobs a day. Virtually every job requires that you adjust the off-contact to achieve the desired ink deposit and to accommodate various garment thicknesses. Often the screen angle must be adjusted to compensate for the weight of the ink, squeegee and screen. Finally, micro-registration helps you with the small, final alignment of your screens.

Get Help

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