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Screen Making Product Guide

The quality of your screen-printed product starts with the quality of your screen. All Workhorse screen-exposure systems feature digital time control for accurate and repeatable exposure times and a powerful vacuum hold-down system which provides intimate film-to-screen contact for maximum image resolution.

The Lumitron or Luminator may be all that you will ever need if you produce only a moderate number of simple, athletic type designs. Choose the Point 1000 to produce a moderate number of higher-resolution designs. To produce a high number of screens of the highest possible resolution choose the PhotoSharp.

Performance Features

Image resolution: Do you want to produce simple or highly detailed designs? While simple and athletic designs still make up the majority of screen printed images, the latest software and clip art make producing complex art work simpler than ever.

Screen size: Do you use smaller manual or larger automatic sized screens or a combination of both? A small exposure unit will fit the bill if you have space limitations. Consider a larger exposure unit if automation is in the future.

Daily screen throughput: How many screens do you want to produce in a day? New, small, home-based or pre-print companies may only need to produce a moderate number of new screens per day. Growing businesses or those with plans for growth are likely to need to produce a higher number of new screens per day.

Direct emulsion or capillary film type: What type of direct emulsion or capillary film do you plan to use? Photopolymer sensitized materials are typically the fastest and most expensive. Diazo sensitized materials are typically slower and the least expensive while dual-cure (a combination of photopolyer and diazo) are moderately priced and moderately quick.

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